Board games are not only a perfect and attractive way to promote the activities of companies and institutions but mainly a great source of entertainment for children and adults. They combine education and fun with the attractive transfer of the promoted product.

Our long-term experience enables us to produce board games which meet the individual needs of our Clients. We produce simple projects, memory games, as well as more complex, multicomponent board games. Our know-how knowledge and production facilities enables us to offer the best technological and economical solutions to our Clients.

Our board games are ordered by publishing houses, advertising agencies, public institutions, charitable foundations and individual clients. We offer complex services which include orders processing, technological reviews, prepress services, highest standard production and logistics services.


Would you like to release a board game but do not know what to do it? We may design the entire broad game for you. Our design team may provide the game concept, its scenario and mechanism as well as the game graphics. From an idea to product!


In order to provide an offer which meets the requirements of the Client we need to know the number of products and the list of components. The materials and size will be advised by us. We offer high-quality materials of the certified European suppliers. Our advanced machinery stock enables us to manufacture boxes of massive cardboard and carton, as well as trays, boards and tokens. We have a wide range of available contour cutters and a workshop where we prepare new tools. The highest printing quality is achieved with the use of the solutions of Heidelberg company. Our board games may also contain plastic and wooden parts, such as: dices, pegs, tokens and sand timers, provided by trusted suppliers.

The essentials stages of the production process:

  • Preparation of contour cutters for non-standard elements of the board game
  • Control of the graphic files, making adjustments, if necessary
  • Approval of the graphic files by the Client
  • Print and manufacture of components
  • Board game completion
  • Packing
  • Shipping

Customized production - games

Customized Production

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