Our mission
Trefl is a family business. We act with Children and their Parents in mind on each step of our production process.
We want our interesting and safe toys to supply new ideas, positive attitudes and allow for quality time for families. The manufacture and distribution of jigsaw puzzles, games and cards are the main concern of our company.
We want to be a reliable partner for our Clients, Suppliers and Employees.
We believe that sport is our corporate social responsibility. Additionally, it turns out a great promoting tool for our company as well as for our region and our country.
Our Brand
Sharing emotions, fun and adventure, discovery and learning, the joy of victory and the bitterness of defeat, fair-play and supporting the players – these are the key words for our brand – Trefl.
Logo history
Both the company's name Trefl and its first logo were established in 1985. From the beginning the symbol of clubs - in Polish ‘trefl’ means ‘clubs’ - has been in our logo. Our current logo continues this tradition and simultaneously highlights dynamism, joy and community.



Our strategic goals

Relying on our 29-year experience and a team of committed employees, we want to build a company which will become a Polish leader in its category of toys and will be perceived as a flagship of Polish toy industry in Europe.

We make every effort to ensure our company’s stable growth based on four foundations:

  • Innovative character of our products and creativeness of our employees,
  • Geographic expansion in all European markets with special focus on Central and Eastern Europe,
  • Synergy of goals set by us and our key partners (clients, licensors, suppliers),
  • Product quality, modern technologies and cost-effectiveness.

Through our support to sports teams, we want to build the community of supporters and promote our values (dynamism, partnership, community, optimism, playing fair-play, flexibility) and increase the value of our brand.
We wish that one day our products would be known and loved all over Europe and TREFL would become a global enterprise!